Ian Davidson - is an expert farrier who is able to properly fit CERA Endurance Shoes.
Located: Maclean/Grafton/Casino area, NSW. 
Phone: 04 98 351 155

Richard Sharman - currently services the Beaudesert area.  He is a farrier who has been shoeing successful endurance horses with CERA Shoes. 
To make an appointment, please contact Richard by phone.
mobil:  04 08668326

Ben Howe - for all your equine hoof care needs. He is a horseman who regularly competes in polo-cross. Ben is able to size and fit the CERA Shoes correctly onto your horses' hooves. He services a large area around Devonport, working with Arabians, stockhorses and pleasure ponies.
Contact: 04 38 48 45 64 Ben     or      04 76 11 84 33   Danza 

Glen Hammond - of Nashama Equine provides barefoot trimming and farrier services to the Wagga Wagga, West Wyalong, Yass and Canberra regions.
Phone: 02 6973 7202.
Mobile: 0428 594 210. Fax.
Address: PO Box 308 Temora, NSW, 2666, AUSTRALIA

Website: http://nashamaequine.homestead.com/AboutUs.html

Rodney Anderson - works in the Taree area. He is a reliable farrier, with an open mind. Rodney is willing to spend time to get the job done correctly.
Mobile:  044 883 2500

Lothar Stull - is an experienced CERA farrier from Germany, who is able to properly fit CERA Endurance Shoes.
Located: Darwin and servicing a 50km radius district. 
Phone:    Mobile: 0458 626 226                 Home:  08 8931 3797
Email:   lothar.stull@gmail.com

Chris Bourke - is a great horseman, who has been around horses all his life and knows how to properly fit CERA Endurance Shoes.
Located: Armidale, NSW. 
Phone: 0427 465190