About CERA Endurance Shoes

CERA Endurance Shoes are suitable for almost every horse whether used for sport, leisure or work.

The shoes are perfect for Endurance and trail riding.
Quarter horse owners have experienced success with CERA Endurance Shoes (horses with sliding plates in the back are fine with our shoe in the front because they can control the sliding movement with the front feet better than on steel).
The shoes are fantastic for horses that need shoes and stay outside in a group of horses (big stables, breeding farms ect.) where the risk of being injured after kicking each other is a lot lower than amongst horses with steel shoes on!
In Canada many race horses are using CERA Endurance Shoes successfully!
CERA Endurance Shoes work fine on Dressage horses too. 
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Australian Endurance rider Clare Fleming riding in South Africa using CERA Endurance Shoes. It was winter and the dry season. The ground was hard and very concussive. Clare rode close to 300km using the same set of shoes. She rode over gravel roads and rocky terrain, without compromising her horses soundness or wearing out the shoes.

Contact: Clare Fleming
Phone: 04 00 89 04 46
Email: flemingoendurance@gmail.com