The horseshoe for the champions!

Professional horse riders from around the world in all kinds of equestrian events have won on CERA ENDURANCE horseshoes. 
Distance riders have relied upon the superiority of flexible plastic horseshoes. They have knowledge of the advantages that this “health silent shoe” offers to their valuable horses.
Australia's Tom Quilty Gold Cup has been won by two horses Kumari and Arovo Mini Harvest, ridden by Anton Reid and Christoph Schork wearing CERA Endurance Shoes.
Australia's Endurance Team won Gold in the South African Tir-Nations Series in Fauresmith in 2009.
Bones the Wizard with rider Cora Becker, won the 2011 Australian FEI Championship 160km 3* ride using the studded CERA Endurance Shoes.

Team CERA won the teams event in 2013 at the QLD State Championships 160km event. All team members [ Clare Fleming, Ken Moir, Leah Begley and Cora Becker] completed successfully.

In the field of competitive equine activities, this "healthy shoe" offers the following advantages to the horse and owner :- 
    * shock absorption qualities - reduces concussion to the lower leg by greater than 65%,
    * light weight - 3 CERA Endurance Shoes equal the weight of one steel shoe on average
    * durable - lasts as long, if not longer than steel 
shoes - canbe reapplied to the hoof, after trimming
    * stays on better than traditional shoes
    * provides good traction with the dimple design        
    * easy to apply - no need for heat or an anvil
    * affordable alternative to steel shoes or boots
    * creates a happy horse - the horse is able to move naturally with a shoe that supports the hoof, wall and frog and
    * reduces the risk of injuries.
These are significant arguments in favour of the use of this high tech horse shoe system that has been developed in Germany.
Leisure riders can also gain from the advantages of the CERA ENDURANCE horseshoe.
Horses with foot problems such as navicular disease, under-run heels and sore heel bulbs will benefit.
CERA Shoes are also known as thoroflex shoes.
Contact: Clare Fleming
Phone: 04 00 89 04 46