Advantages of CERA Endurance Shoes

CERA Endurance Shoes stay on better than traditional steel shoes. If a horse paws the fence or over-reaches, the flexible shoe will flex back into their original position(much like a thong), as the rear of the shoe can flex. 
In addition, t
he synthetic shoe material allows natural flexion of the hoof capsule and supports your horse’s natural movement.

CERA Endurance Shoes are manufactured with a strong polyurethane material. This unique material has proven to last as long, if not longer than traditional shoes.

Stays on better

The CERA Endurance Shoes have PATENTED recessed nail slots allow the nail heads to be recessed into the shoe. This has two advantages: - preventing nails from loosening and preventing wearing down of the nail heads. The nails will not pull through the strong polyurethane shoe. Also the shoes will stay on in extremely muddy conditions.
Metal shoes interfer with the ability of the hoof to absorb shock. The combined forces of weight and impact, travel up the horses leg creating abnormal stress on muscles, tendons and bones.
Recent scientific research by Willem Back at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, has verified that CERA Endurance Shoes reduce concussion to the lower leg by greater than 65%.

Light Weight
The average weight of CERA Endurance Shoe with bridge is 135g compare to an average steel shoe weight of 382g. This light weight shoe will make your horse feel and move as if it where unshod. Tests have shown that when a steel shod horse moves 10 metres the horse carries a weight of 18 tonnes. With CERA Endurance Shoes on your horses hooves, the weight carried is reduced by two-thirds i.e. only 6 tonnes is carried. This translates into less stress on the hoof structure, muscles, tendons, and bones and in the long term, less incidence of common problems.
Broad Support
The broad web CERA Endurance Shoe offers superior support to the hoof, and the screw-on bridge provides more support in the heel area. The outer wall, sole and frog bear the load.

Easy to Apply
The traditional design of the CERA Endurance Shoe means no need for gas, heat or forging.  Application is simple for farriers, and the PATENTED double bridge system allows for easy sizing. Follow the Fitting Instructions on the website.

The dimple design of the CERA Endurance Shoe allows the shoe to immediately pack with dirt for the best traction your horse can have—dirt on dirt. There is excellent traction as long as the profile can sink into the ground or travelling surface such as bitumen.  The horse will have a similar feel to being barefoot.
Anti-skid devices can be added for extra grip on hard surfaces and ice.

Food for Thought  .... adapted from the following books ...

Physical therapy and Massage for the Horse   Jean-Marie Denoix & Jean-Pierre Pailloux
p100  Cushioning is the first stage of absorbing shock wave generated by pressure.  .. The horse like the Judoka, hits the ground with the forelimb; however, the iron shoe and the fact that the does not roll with the impact means that the shock is carried in virtually a straight line through the foot, knee and shoulder and thence to the spine. The trainer should therefore look closely at the quality of the terrain: a  hard surface risks damage to bones and joints, while a soft and deep surface risks damage to tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Equine Injury & Therapy  Mary Bromiley
p144 The musculoskeletal structure of the horse is subject to forces ranging from 30 G (impact forces) at the walk to as much as 360 G galloping and jumping – that is, the limb first touching the ground after the suspension phase at gallop, or landing after a jump, sustains a load equivalent to 360 times the normal body weight of the animal. Small wonder that such force creates problems in the foot and lower leg. While it is argued that the majority of the impact is absorbed by the digital cushion and some by the natural expansion and flexibility of the hoof, not all as accounted for and shock waves proceed up the leg until they finally terminate in the spine. The amount of shock dissipated in the hoof is also dependent on the foot being correctly trimmed, the balance between the toe and heel, the fit of the shoe – in short, good hoof care.
Polythurethane and visco elastic polymer are first cousins, designed with a molecular structure that is able to absorb and dissipate shock laterally (sideways), thus reducing G force sustained by the landing foot by as much as 78 per cent. Riders using these polyurethane shoes have reported that their horses felt more comfortable and moved more freely. While this is subjective observation, the level of rider questioned would indicate honest appraisal.

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